Little Alchemy 3

[Left click] - interact with the menu items

[Left click] and [drag] - select items from your inventory

In this game the four basic elements on earth will lead you to the countless discoveries.

Mix different elements together to create a new one. Discover more than 700 different elements in the new version of the popular educational game.

Little Alchemy 3 : About The Game

Little Alchemy 3

The first version of the Little Alchemy appeared on the internet long time ago and many people became fans of it. The game offered an innovative gameplay in addition to the great idea - you play the game and learn something new. Today the third edition of the game is available at our website and believe me, that it is suitable for both kids and grown-ups because it gives opportunity to raise your knowledge of basic elements and make you feel like you are a real alchemyst. The number of elements which have to be discovered in Little Alchemy 3 is 700 +. This means that you will need a lot of time to find them all. In the new version of the game all your gaming progress is being saved automatically on your computer so you can continue playing it later with all the discovered elements. The gameplay is pretty simple - it uses drag-and-drop option to move the elements and mix them together. A nice music in the background also makes some magic feeling of making something interesting. In fact, Little Alchemy 3 is not just a game, it is based on the basic rules of physics and basic knowledge of making different objects so only smart people can achieve success in this game.

How To Play Little Alchemy ?

The gameplay is still the same like it was in previous versions : you start with the clear board and 4 basic elements : fire,water,air and ground. Your mission is to mix them in different ways to get new elements. For example, if you mix Fire and Water, you will get Steam. Then you can continue your experiments with the newly discovered element and mix it with ground to get Geyser. As you might notice, the logic and physics is the main rule in this game. Even though that the number of elements is limited (700+) the only limit here is your imagination. You can discover all the basic elements in this game including Life which is the last element to discover. You will have to move though a long way to reach the Life. As a small lifehack for the newbie users, I would recommend to mix the element with the same one : for example if you mix water & water, you will get puddle, if you mix puddle & puddle - you will discover Pond and so on. I think that you understood the strategy. Another thing that you should keep in mind is that some elements just can be mixed together - you just wont get a new element if you will try to mix them and they will remain on the board. All items discovered by you are placed on the special menu on the right side of the board so you can easily access them to drop on the board. Little Alchemy 3 is a truly unique mixture of a game and educational tutorial of how the things are made in real life so you will definitely find something new in this game.

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